"NAIOP has provided Lowe Enterprises the opportunity to network with our peers, educate our associates, give back to the community and stay involved in local, regional, state and national legislative issues effecting our industry = a win-win for us."
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Local Issues


NAIOP LAC News Alert: On November 18th, the Regional Storm Water Board voted to approve the Regional Permit covering San Diego County.  The vote was in support of staff’s recommendation and includes language relative to 'prior lawful approvals' and hydro-modification.  The Board action also precludes third parties from suing the co-permitties (local jurisdictions) for exceedance of water quality objectives where the Co-Permittee is achieving milestones.  Third parties are still able to sue for other permit infractions such as failure to police businesses subject to the construction or industrial storm water permit.  More importantly, the Board allowed the co-permittees until February 16th to implement the new BMP requirements.  In concert with the BIA Storm Water Committee, the NAIOP Legislative Committee is continuing to work with Board and co-permittee staff to refine elements of the implementation plan.

The next step is for jurisdictions to adopt local ordinances to implement their specific BMP’s.

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact, Ted Shaw at the Atlantis Group, Craig Benedetto, or Julianna Chick at California Strategies.


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NAIOP San Diego Legislative Priorities

Goal:   to promote job creation and enhance economic development within the commercial real estate industry throughout the San Diego region.

·           Build relationships with political leadership at all levels of government in San Diego

o   Advance NAIOP’s goal through direct interaction with elected officials and their staffs

o   This will include inviting elected officials or senior staff to the monthly legislative committee meetings, quarterly breakfasts with elected officials and the annual event with the Mayor.

·           Elections

o   Monitor the 2014 special election for Mayor, June primary gubernatorial election and November general gubernatorial election

o   NAIOP does not endorse individual candidates but will monitor federal, state, county and city races

o   NAIOP may choose to support fiscal responsibility & good government initiatives and oppose initiatives that will negatively impact NAIOP members

·           Fees & Taxes

o   Find alternative funding sources to the linkage fee for affordable housing and minimize and linkage fee increase

o   Oppose any attempt to implement a statewide split roll property tax

·           Water Policy               

o   Actively engage on the implementation of the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s MS4 Permit for Storm Water Discharge

o   Encourage indirect potable reuse (IPR) implementation

·           Planning Issues         

o   Advocate for a Climate Action Plan that is incentive based and does not place additional mandates on the building industry

o   Advocate for additional PACE programs for both the City and County of San Diego

 ·           Financial & Government Efficiency and Accountability Issues

o   Support streamlining efforts for the development process

o   Support implementation of managed competition

o   Support an infrastructure initiative to address the City’s deferred infrastructure and lack of affordable housing

NAIOP San Diego Key Issues

Linkage Fees – Jobs Tax Referendum Campaign

NAIOP’s top local issue is repealing the San Diego City Council’s 5 – 4 vote to raise the linkage fee by 375 – 750 percent, finding alternative ways to fund affordable housing and minimizing any increase to the linkage fee.

City of San Diego Community Plan Updates

Community plans govern land use policies within specific San Diego communities.  Many are out of date and do not reflect the current business climate or demographics.  NAIOP has advocated for updating these as soon as possible in order to spur additional development opportunities.

Government Efficiencies

NAIOP supports efforts at every level of government to make the development process more cost efficient and time certain.  This includes streamlining the permitting process and reducing development fees when appropriate.

Adoption of the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan (CAP)

The CAP will guide how the City plans to enforce state laws that require commercial real estate buildings to reduce their energy consumption.  This will impact development standards, water use, energy use, transportation, job creation and land values.  NAIOP is advocating for an incentive based approach rather than a plan that places additional mandates and restrictions on commercial real estate developers, managers and tenants.

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