"NAIOP has provided Lowe Enterprises the opportunity to network with our peers, educate our associates, give back to the community and stay involved in local, regional, state and national legislative issues effecting our industry = a win-win for us."
– Mike McNerney
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NAIOP San Diego 2017 Legislative Priorities

Mission Statement:    to promote job creation and enhance economic development within the commercial real estate industry throughout the San Diego region.

  • Build relationships with political leadership at all levels of government in San Diego
    • Advance NAIOP's mission statement through direct interaction with elected and public officials as well as their staffs
    • This includes inviting elected officials or senior staff to the monthly legislative committee meetings, quarterly breakfasts with public officials and the annual event with the Mayor of San Diego.
    • 2017 priorities will include, but not be limited to, newly elected Councilmembers Barbara Bry, Chris Ward, and Georgette Gomez; newly elected Council President Myrtle Cole, newly elected County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, and continued relationship development with the Directors of City of San Diego Planning and Development Services departments.
  • Fees & Taxes
    • Identify and support alternative funding sources to the commercial linkage fee for affordable housing
    • Continue to oppose any attempt legislatively or by initiative to implement a statewide split roll property tax
  • Water Policy
    • Continue to engage on the implementation of the Regional Water Quality Control Board's storm water regulations
    • Encourage and actively support recycled water implementation, and diversification of our local water sources
  • Planning & Infrastructure Issues
    • Monitor and engage on the implementation of the Climate Action Plan to ensure programs do not place additional mandates on the building industry
    • Support the update of community plans in key areas of San Diego that have growth opportunities for the commercial real estate industry
    • Support long-term infrastructure planning and broad based funding
    • Continue support for the implementation of the Pure Water program
  • Financial & Government Efficiency and Accountability Issues
    • Support streamlining efforts for the development process
    • Support implementation of managed competition
    • Support an infrastructure initiative to address the City's deferred infrastructure and lack of affordable housing
  • Elections
    • Although NAIOP does not endorse individual candidates, continue to monitor the discussions and races for the 2018 election cycle, including candidate announcements in 2017
    • NAIOP may choose to support fiscal responsibility & good government initiatives and oppose initiatives that will negatively impact NAIOP members


Affordable Housing - Identifying Alternative Funding Sources

Due to the current, unprecedented housing shortage leading into 2017 we can expect to see numerous proposals to address housing stock and affordability at the both the state and local level.

In 2014, NAIOP successfully overturned the City Council's decision to increase the commercial linkage fee by 375 - 750 percent, and a compromise plan was ultimately adopted. The final increase took place in January of this year. In 2017, NAIOP will continue work with the State officials, the San Diego Housing Commission, San Diego City Council and affordable housing advocates to identify alternative, long-term, broad based and stable funding sources for affordable housing.  This is will decrease reliance on the linkage fee and lead to more sustainable funding strategies that aren't based solely on the commercial real estate industry.

NAIOP will remain diligent in monitoring legislation and local proposals and educating decision makers to ensure fair and equitable solutions that do not place untenable burdens on the commercial real estate industry.

Implementation of the City of San Diego's Climate Action Plan (CAP)

In December of 2015 the CAP framework to guide how the City plans to enforce state GHG emission reduction laws will likely be adopted.  Implementation of this framework has the potential to impact commercial development standards, water use, energy use, transportation, job creation and land values.  NAIOP advocated for an incentive based approach rather than additional mandates and restrictions on commercial real estate developers, managers and tenants.  NAIOP will continue to engage as the programs to implement the CAP are developed.

Adoption of the County of San Diego's Climate Action Plan (CAP)

In July 2015, the County Planning & Development Services staff initiated work on the CAP. The CAP will outline the specific activities the County will undertake to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the unincorporated communities of San Diego County. In the fall of 2016 NAIOP participated in a series of workshops to provide input on the development of the plan. The draft CAP and EIR will be released in early to mid 2017 for additional comment and public review. NAIOP will continue to engage as the elements of the plan are finalized.

Storm Water Regulations

The City and County of San Diego are currently implementing the new storm water regulations approved by the State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board.  These new regulations will affect new construction projects, as well as maintenance and handling of storm water runoff on built out properties.  NAIOP will participate in the development of these implementation rules and work to mitigate the impacts to commercial development.

City of San Diego Community Plan Updates

Community plans govern land use policies within those specific San Diego communities.  Many are out of date and do not reflect the current business climate or demographics.  NAIOP has long advocated for updating these in order to spur additional development opportunities and provide certainty for landowners.  Communities such as Kearny Mesa and Mission Valley are priority areas for NAIOP and will be coming forward in 2017. Department staff recognizes NAIOP as a key stakeholder and will engage the organization as the details of the community plan updates are developed. 

Prop. 13 and "Split-Roll"

NAIOP's top state issue is protecting Prop. 13 and opposing a "split-roll" property tax system. NAIOP feels a "split-roll" tax system - wherein commercial property is taxed at a higher rate than residential - will drive jobs out of California and do extreme harm to the commercial real estate industry.  More information on this effort is available here: http://stophigherpropertytaxes.org/


The need for continuous, broad based infrastructure funding is paramount whether for new construction, repair, or replacement of aging assets.  NAIOP will actively engage in discussions on additional revenue resources, through bonding or other proposals to ensure the City is able to catch up on past deficiencies and meet future long-term needs. A key component of NAIOPs messaging in these discussions will continue to be promoting affordable housing funding as an essential element of community infrastructure

Committee Members

  • Bhavesh Parikh - Hines
  • Bill Cavanagh - Cushman & Wakefield
  • Brian Gates - Burger Construction
  • Chris Elmendorf - Drawbridge Realty
  • David Cardone - Dunn DeSantis Walt & Kendrick, LLP
  • Don Romo - Erickson Hall
  • Fernando Landa - CGS3 Law Firm
  • Jaks Anderson - The Anderson Group
  • Jeff Forrest - Sheppard Mullin
  • Jeff Hollander - Hollander Design Group
  • Jennifer Domeier - RECON Environmental
  • Jeremy Dentt - Dentt Properties
  • John Turpit - RJC Architects
  • Kelly Moden- Murfey Companies
  • Lance Growth - Asset Exchange Company
  • Marci Mauro - Pacific Southwest Realty Services
  • Melissa Stern - C&S Companies
  • Michael Kiesling - Procopio
  • Mike McNerney - Lowe Enterprises
  • Mike Novkov - Cushman & Wakefield
  • Preston Cavignac - Cavignac & Associates
  • Regina VanderWerff - HED Design & Architecture
  • Rob Miller - Cox
  • Ryan Stitchler - CW Driver
  • Scott Crosby -  Associated Builders & Contractors
  • Scott Moffatt - Lincoln Property Company
  • Steve Scott - Cisterra Development
  • Ted Shaw - Atlantis Group
  • Terry Strom - Strom Entitlement
  • Todd Majcher - Lowe Enterprises
  • Tom Turner - Procopio
  • Whitney Hodges - Sheppard Mullin
  • Whitney Skala - Whitney Skala Law

Get Involved With NAIOP

To request to be sent further information on Legislative Issues or to contact NAIOP please visit:

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Local Affairs

NAIOP San Diego is following many local issues of impact. We are also partnering with other business associations, like the BIA, SD Regional Chamber of Commerce, SD Regional EDC, BIOCOM, California Restaurant Association, SD Apartment Association and others to ensure the local economic and regulatory environment is one in which our members can prosper and continue to house and employ people.

Some of the issues we're following: 

·   Enhance relationships with political leadership at all levels of government in San Diego

·   Elections

·   Fees & Taxes

·   Financial & Government Efficiency and Accountability Issues

·   Water Issues               

·   Planning Issues         


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State Affairs

  • Split-Roll Property Tax Study A study that examins the potential economic impact of a split-roll property tax, taking into account how a split roll would affect the behavior of individuals and businesses who own commercial property, has been completed and distributed to policymakers in California. Clic here to read the study: The Economic Effects of California Adopting a Split Roll Property Tax
  • AB 32 Economic Analysis Blasted By State's Own Peer Review Team The independent economic "peer review" team assembled by the Air Resources Board to analyze the AB 32 Regulatory Plan has concluded that the state has intentionally skewed analysis of the economic effects of the climate change plan to show positive outcomes. more>

  • AB 32 Scoping Plan Blasted By CA Legislative Analyst Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines (R-Clovis) and Assemblymember Roger Niello (R-Sacramento) asked the independent California Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) to report on the draft scoping plan of the Air Resources Board (CARB) for implementation of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (better known as AB 32). more>

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National Affairs

  • Obama Administration to Propose Stimulus Plan On Saturday, President-elect Obama signaled that he would propose an economic recovery plan with a goal of creating 2.5 million new jobs over the next two years. more>
  • Waxman Takes Over as Chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee In a recent leadership battle to take control over the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Representative Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) ousted former Committee Chairman John Dingell (D-Mich.) for control of the gavel during the 111th Congress. more>
  • No Fire Sale on National Assets On November 15, the Globe and Mail reported on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s response to the possibility of the federal government selling Crown assets in an effort to balance the budget and avoid a deficit. more>

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