"NAIOP has been an integral part of my relationship-building and networking efforts in the San Diego commercial real estate community. At some level, the most influential real estate professionals in the marketplace are generally connected to NAIOP. As Community Involvement chairman, I am consistently impressed with the caliber of our members." – John Garrigan
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Adopt a Platoon

Being able to give back has been a tremendous component in our strategic plan over the years.  Since 2007 our Community Involvement Committee's focus has been on helping those in the USMC thru our Adopt a Platoon Campaign.


Adopt a Marine/Buddy Program

The Adopt a Marine Buddy Program begins upon their deployment.  We (NAIOP) will pair you up with one of the men of the deploying Company, and provide you with his mailing address. They love to receive mail, magazines, words of encouragement, words from home and care packages. They are great people to get to know and we believe the relationship will be one that means a lot to you. (We encourage family member participation) It is that simple!  We are also there for their families and offer help such as hanging Christmas lights, hosting a lunch for the wives and welcoming them home.

The Time Committment

They will typically be deployed for 7-8 months. We ask that if you can participate in the program, that you do commit to communicating with them during their entire deployment. We will also be holding a welcome home party for them upon their return which you will be invited to.

Based upon input from the Marines and their families, NAIOP members are compiling a list of useful items to send to the Marines throughout their deployment, as well as ways they can help the families left behind make it through these tough times.


If you are unable to participate, perhaps you are willing to make a donation towards NAIOP’s Community Involvement Campaign. Any dollar amount is acceptable made payable to NAIOP. We can invoice you also if needed and you can pay by credit card as well.

These are terrific men who continue to give to our country and help protect its freedom. Their level of commitment is huge. Anything we can do as an organization to make their time abroad more comfortable is important. If you are interested, please reply back and we will connect you.

YES, I would like to participate in the NAIOP's Developing Leaders Give Back Committee!

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